Triangle of the Squinches

Premiered April 2011

Triangle of the Squinches, is set to a commissioned score by legendary musician Mickey Hart and features an innovative kinetic set by cutting-edge architect Christopher Haas. In this piece, Alonzo King explores the inner and outer space of the body: how do we strive to touch something infinite with our material forms? What is the resonance between the bodies we inhabit and the forms we create?

"Both dance and architecture take information from metaphysical and natural laws, which govern the shapes and movement directions of everything that exists. In great works, by man or nature, a polar balance of physical and metaphysical principles exists, both fulfilling a function and expressing a meaning. Cross-culturally, the universe is thought of as a house; a house containing countless rooms where planet bodies and nebulae reside, where gems, plants, animals and beings live and move. Human beings actually occupy two spaces: the internal and external, both of which are constructed by our primary architects, thought and action." Alonzo King

Triangle of the Squinches
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