Art Songs

Premiered November 2, 2016

Israeli mezzo-soprano Maya Lahyani, lends her voice to the collaboration with Alonzo King titled Art Songs. Lahyani, a 2010 grand finalist of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and the recipient of an Adler Fellowship at San Francisco Opera, is fast becoming one of the most sought-after young singers today.

In the program notes from the ballet’s premiere in 2016, King said, “Because humans are an expression of the Creative Word, sound has the most potent and immediate effect on us. The ancient rishis of India discovered laws of sound alliance between nature and man. Sound and vibration are the seed thought that forms the universes.”

The reviewer Jaime Robles wrote of the premiere performance, "LINES Ballet once again coupled refined and elegant presentations with superlative dancing and endlessly dynamic choreography. A match made in heaven".

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Art Songs
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