When students use their bodies through dance, they reveal their HeART!

Alonzo King LINES Ballet HeART with LINES partnerships are developed to connect the philosophy and approach of Alonzo King to the everyday experience of students, youth and families in the Bay Area. Focusing on the power of discovery, collaboration and truth, HeART with LINES programs provide a space for students to learn a foundation of dance concepts, experiment and improvise with movement, develop their own ideas through the choreographic process, and an entry point into the world of dance.

Students will have the opportunity to engage in the creation, performance and reflection through dance, while also learning more about themselves and the world around them as young emerging artists. HeART with LINES partnerships will allow students to utilize the truthful, choreographic approach of Alonzo King to assist in developing abstract and critical thinking skills, social proficiencies through collaboration and build confidence and deeper sense of self.

"There is this thought that a dancer, singer, musician, has to have an incredible range of physical possibility to be skillful. But this isn’t true. It is the mental ability and the heart’s capacity that has to be huge. It is the mind and heart that dances, sings and plays. Not the body." Alonzo King in Mission at Tenth: The Hieroglyph Issue (2011)

The objective of the HeART with LINES partnerships is to provide dance experiences that promote student choreography, abstract thinking and the emergence of elementary foundations in ballet. Partnership elements include:

  • 45-60 minute sessions
  • Oversight by LINES Program Manager – planning meetings, mid-point meetings, wrap-up meeting
  • Pre/post student assessment to track student learning in dance
  • Final sharing of student work
  • Access to LINES Dance Center for field trip or group visit opportunities
  • Family Dance Workshop for participating families
  • Access to LINES Ballet or LINES Ballet Training Program performances


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Photos by Quinn B. Wharton, Ken Osborn.