Community Programs

Thirty years ago our aim was to build an organization and body of work that would by its beauty open hearts and expand consciousness. We wanted it to touch lives, be uplifting, transformative, and connected. We aimed to ignite dance performance and dance training with a new force of creativity and to abolish the idea of the artist as an effete elite. These principles remain the foundation that defines all of our programs. Alonzo King

LINES Community Programs include multiple initiatives that serve youth around the Bay Area. These programs allow students to utilize the choreographic approach of Alonzo King to assist in developing abstract and critical thinking skills, social proficiencies through collaboration and build confidence and deeper sense of self. HeART with LINES brings dance teaching artists into the classroom as students develop their own ideas through the choreographic process and have an entry point in the world of dance. Other key programs such as Kids @LINES, Teens @LINES, and Corporate Partnerships and Group Visits continue to promote progressive dance education for many.


LINES Kids Camp, a week long, arts-based day camp sponsored by Alonzo King LINES Ballet, offers age-appropriate concept-based dance activities specially designed to support your child-development goals and needs. LINES Kids Camp is divided into two age groups - LINES Little Artists (3-5 years old) and LINES Junior Dance-Makers (6-9 years old) - to give children a sense of self-confidence, collaborative engagement, and community.


Teens @LINES

Teens @LINES provides dynamic dance education that inspires unique artistry and strong technical training for youth ages 12-18. The program is born from the philosophy of Alonzo King and offers the young dancer a unique opportunity to strengthen the artist within, emphasizing creativity, and giving considerate attention to the development of the whole person and who they are in the world. Students participate in weekly classes at the beginning, intermediate/advanced levels, as well as a series of intensive master classes to foster the transition into continued dance study.



Alonzo King LINES Ballet HeART with LINES partnerships are developed to connect the philosophy and approach of Alonzo King to the everyday experience of students, youth and families in the Bay Area. Focusing on the power of discovery, collaboration and truth, HeART with LINES programs provide a space for students to learn a foundation of dance concepts, experiment and improvise with movement, develop their own ideas through the choreographic process, and an entry point into the world of dance.


Professional Development and Learning for Educators

Professional Learning opportunities at Alonzo King LINES Dance Center offer educators an opportunity to learn concept-based dance principles and engage in a process-oriented exploration of HeART with LINES curriculum. The collaborative environment of the professional development workshops allows educators a community-based learning experience that highlights the tools for integrating movement into the classroom.


Group Visits, Workshops & Master Classes at LINES Dance Center

LINES Dance Center happily welcomes groups from dance studios and schools that train young dancers from all over the world. Exclusive workshops and master classes can be arranged for groups of ten or ore artists, 12 years of age or older. Take a workshop or see LINES Ballet in rehearsal. Create a unique experience designed specifically for your students.


Photos: Stephen Texeira, Rob Kunkle/GoodLux Photography, Quinn B. Wharton, Katie Wong